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Acquired dolichosigma of the intestine in an adult is diagnosed much less frequently. Symptoms of dolichosigmoid intestines. In many children, along with the congenital form of dolichosigma, other defects are diagnosed. Very often this disease is accompanied by. Dolichosigma is diagnosed during an examination by a doctor, who examines the digestive organs and palpates the intestines overloaded with feces. In children, attention is drawn to buy oxcarbazepine online of the skin, thinness and developmental disorders.

Conducted to make a diagnosis. Colonoscopy (endoscopy) is an examination of the inside of the rectum, large intestine, and lower small intestine. Treatment of intestinal dolichosigma. A condition for successful treatment of intestinal dolichosigma in adults is a special diet. A diet rich in foods containing fiber and vegetable fats is recommended. Diet for dolichosigma excludes the consumption of alcohol and all types of foods that cause constipation.

The patient's diet should include maximum amounts of minerals, vitamins and fiber, which, although not easily digested, facilitates the movement of other foods, makes stools softer and revitalizes intestinal activity. Cereals are an essential part of the diet. ForTo prevent constipation, you can add olive and other vegetable oils to the porridge.

Standard treatment for dolichosigmoiditis in adults includes: Regardless of the stage of the disease, treatment begins conservatively, oxcarbazepine drug therapy for dolichosigma is prescribed. It is especially important to improve the functioning of the digestive tract. For this purpose, appropriate medications are recommended.

Surgery for the treatment of dolichosigma is considered as a radical method for complications of the disease. Indications for surgical intervention are: Typically, resection of the lower sigmoid colon is performed.

The disease can lead to various types of complications, including: Where to treat dolichosigma in USA.

Treatment of dolichosigma intestines in adults is carried out at the Department of Gastroenterology and Hepatology of the Clinic of Internal Medicine at Nordwest Hospital. Reception and consultations are carried out by leading German doctors. You can receive clinical recommendations for the treatment of dolichosigma during a personal meeting with a specialist or when discussing the diagnosis during a professional video consultation. You can find out the procedure for organizing them, the cost of surgery for dolichosigma, as well as prices for diagnostic tests by calling Online.


Dolichosigma intestines. what is it and how to buy trileptal online elongated intestines. The sigmoid colon is an S-shaped segment of the digestive canal, 24-46 cm long and 4 cm wide, where water and vitamins are absorbed. For each person, this part of the large intestine differs in some anatomical features. Cases of its abnormal lengthening are called dolichosigma.

Without unpleasant symptoms, the condition is considered normal. If it is accompanied by prolonged constipation, flatulence, recurrent abdominal pain, then it is already called a pathology and requires adequate treatment. Many people have not heard much about this rare disease, although its destructive effects on digestion and the body as a whole deserve close attention. So we will look at what an elongated intestine is and how to treat trileptal pills.